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Hello and Welcome! I am so thrilled that you found me!  My name is Ajaya Sommers and I function most essentially as an alchemist of the heart – devoted to practicing love as the highest universal law of human existence. I primarily express my devotion through being an earth steward, an evolutionary catalyst, as well as a bit of psychobiology geek. I am always learning and growing inside of the inquiry of what it is to express our human potential. I am an avid explorer, always finding new ways to share and empower others in their own awakening and embodiment journey.

I am inspired to share with you through this platform that is the synthesis of all of my life’s experience, studies and credentials a new paradigm of embodied leadership. I invite you to join this movement, Intimate Purpose Alliance. I offer committed containers of support for cultural creatives just like you. Moms, dads, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons – we are one family. And it is through our leadership as one family that our world is transformed. You may not think of yourself as a “leader” but in my view, we are all leaders!

We lead by how we live.

We lead by how we love.

My passion is in catalyzing the embodiment of this awakening wherever I go. My mission is creating an embodiment revolution on our planet, such that all human beings actualize their self-directed evolution and empowered leadership. In my prophecy, I see all beings reclaiming a way of life in which we are growing and evolving at the speed of love, connected to the wisdom of our innate biological rhythms, rather then being unconsciously driven by fear.

As we embody, our power and wisdom are naturally aligned with the divine will in service to the wholeness of Life. We begin to perceive the through way connectivity of the divine in our bodies, our relationships, our culture and our planet. Supporting greater mastery so that you can have a high impact in the world and become the leaders you are destined to be.

The transformational power of intimacy

My means of supporting this process is through creating safe containers where the transformational power of intimacy can unfold a deeper congruency and harmony between all of the precious facets of our inner and outer lives.

The immense challenges that we are facing in our global environment these days require each of us to show up fully and embrace the work that is ours to do. In order to be effective in our unique paths of service, we must be aligned with our soulful destiny threads, which being embodied and grounded in our connection with Gaia unveils.

I provide safe, nurturing and catalyzing spaces to support those who are ready to dive in deep and learn how to feel, honor, inquire and embrace anything that may be held in the body, the psyche or the soul that you experience as obstructing the way for you to show up as your most authentic, fulfilled, empowered and creative self in the world.

I can help you bridge the gaps where you may not feel congruent in your personal, professional or somatic experience.

I would say that my most unique gift is that I have the capacity to see and feel into the central channel – the midline of another and engage through breath, sound, movement and touch in such a way that we can support you in coming into alignment with ALL of you. I work with entrepreneurs, business executives, visionary change agents, teachers, and millennial’s who are seeking greater connection to the wholeness and larger view of your Life’s purpose and your authentic contribution. I can help you bridge the gaps where you may not feel congruent in your personal, professional or somatic experience.

My story

I grew up in an uncommon circumstance in which my primary connection both to the Natural world and to my own inner landscape, were supported and nourished. Encouraged by my environment, I never lost this primary bond with Nature including my own soul and what I experience as the soul of the world.

I never saw the Divine as someone or something outside of myself in a religious sense; rather I have always felt God as my most intimate self.  Waking up as the Divine, in a body has always been my reference point for life.

My mother loves to tell the story of when I was three years old and came home having been beaten up by the neighborhood kids. I ran to her and said, “Momma, they don’t know about God. You have to teach them about God.” It was the only way that I could make sense of their hurting me.

At the time we were very poor, living in government housing projects. My mom began to hold story time at our house, reading spiritual children’s books.  I learned then that if I wanted authentic loving companions, I might have to teach them about what truly matters to me. “Story time” also awakened me to our capacity to impact one another through Love. This has become my greatest joy and ongoing life-inquiry. My body is the ongoing vehicle for this inquiry.

The body in which I reside, has always been a divine listening, loving presence that I, as a soul, know is a precious gift to inhabit. This body also serves as a barometer of truth, wholeness, and harmony.  Despite our cultural norm to override, lead and push with the logical, thinking mind, I have learned to honor my body for the wisdom it so affectively and directly offers.

In the intimacy of my relationship with my body, I feel the presence of an indestructible, eternal love, which is my true nature as well as OUR true nature. From the depths of this personal sense of embodiment, I feel the reflection of my own precious animal body soul; it’s sacred Divinity and its source of pleasure and communion with all Life. It is from this disposition that I find my honor in touching your life.

My Bio:

Ajaya Sommers, RCST, is a gifted healer, teacher, and creative catalyst in the field of embodied awakening. For the last 26 years, she has been facilitating conscious evolution in hundreds of people’s lives. She is a mentor, a teacher counselor and hands-on healer, who works with individuals, couples, and groups. She designs and facilitates training programs for professionals and corporate clients, leads retreats, and offers both live in-person and on-line platforms. All of her programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.

Growing at the Speed of Love is the synthesis of 25 years of research and applied practice; it is an integrated system for full embodiment that includes practices, principles and perceptual orientations to catalyze your innate power and potential. Supporting greater mastery so that you can have a high impact in the world and become the leaders you are destined to be.

Ajaya is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher, and an Authorized Continuum Teacher. She spent many years training with the founder of Continuum, Emily Conrad and was authorized to teach by her. She now teaches, transmits and facilitates a unique discovery process that honors every aspect of your humanity and your anatomy as you follow your individual path to becoming a fully integrated self, at home in your body and your life. This unique-to-you developmental process is most tangible when accessed through the Core of the body, what is identified as the central channel in Taoism and yoga. Through gentle hands-on meditative guidance, conscious breath, sound and movement practices and cranio-sacral work, Ajaya guides her clients to bring conscious awareness into this Core Self terrain.

The longer Story

Having grown up in a Sufi Community in upstate New York, I received early on a template for living in a spiritual land-based community. My daily life was full of singing, celebration, meditation and meals shared as well as group meetings of all kinds. Built into the hidden underbelly of spiritual communal life was spiritual bypass – the practice of using spirituality unconsciously in order to bypass feeling and experiencing life’s difficulties and human conflicts.

I was certainly seen as a soul and fundamentally supported in my connection to Spirit in the natural world. For all of this I am grateful. What has been my challenge in Life has had more to do with being in the world in relation to accepting and honoring my human needs and feelings, and learning how to engage with other human beings. I am good with God. I am good with the fundamentally still, silent core of reality expressed as the All of Life. It’s just taken me a while to get that my human needs and feelings are not separate from this fundamental reality – messy inconvenient burdens we carry. Instead of perceiving them as messy inconvenient burdens, I understand that they can be allies and guides in the process of self-discovery and inquiry.

I would say that beyond all my schooling, training and education, my most essential credentials have come from exploring what it is to be human and the process of embodying or incarnating the soul into the body. Let me tell you a little story to elaborate on these credentials.

I started out in my early 20’s in pre-med, thinking I would be an alternative doctor of some kind. I had my first awakening at 21 with my first Craniosacral class and my Grandmother dying in my arms shortly after. When she left her body, it was as if a river of Love moved through me and took with it every perception of separation. I felt her give me parts of herself. My life completely went a new direction after this. I went on to spend most of my 20’s exploring intentional community, traveling to Asia, Europe and South America. Studying energy medicine, Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanism, Indigenous teachings, Buddhism, and any Non-Dual teachers or teachings I could get near. I started taking plant medicines at 25 and sitting on long meditation retreats. I was an avid seeker of Truth, a devout lover of God, a sincere soul, truly interested in one thing. That one thing could be summed up in one word, Awakening. I wanted to know the truth of life, of my purpose in being here and I wanted to manifest this potential fully.

By the time I was 28-30 years old and in the full tilt of my Saturn’s return, my most distinct memories are of sitting at my alter in humble prayer. I was awake all right! In fact, I was barely able to sleep! Praying to God, to the stars, to my ancestors, the crickets, to the rocks and trees- anything or anyone alive with me often in the middle of night. Tears streaming, heart pounding, alone in the dark with the light of a single candle as company. Asking, begging, imploring for guidance of how to be of service to this Life. It was somewhere in the middle of this time that a little book came to me, by an Anonymous author. One night the words, “Be Still and Know, you are God” jumped out of this little book. It was as if each word rang for an eternity that echoed and stilled the split between my personality and soul. Each word landed as it went all the way down into the ground of my being.

Be. Still. And Know. You. Are. God.

I did not move for most of the night. Sitting upright at my alter, candle lite and this time with the company of the entire universe. I seemed to lose track of all time, self, body, and world. There was just this all-encompassing radiant stillness streaming through every cell of my total body. I could not tell where “I” began or where “I” ended. I was the effulgent breath, embrace of everywhere. I was peace. I was causeless, ceaseless joy. I was this one without desire and beyond need. In the days that followed this pure fulfillment continued. It was as if the body moved through space, but there was no driving, seeking, searching mind. No question of my value, purpose and place. I was the All. Pure love. Radiance and fulfillment beyond all understanding. My first forays in teaching began to come from this simple practice. I had very little money, job security or any other sense of normal ground that most folks were orienting to. But I didn’t seem to care.

I was peace itself.

The spiritual rubber hit the road when a client received the guidance to ask me what I wanted to do with my life? What was my big vision? He was a wealthy real estate investor and not much of a heart centered man. So receiving the “guidance” that I needed help and that he needed to ask me such a question was new to him, to say the least. Well, I did have a Big Vision. I wanted to create a sustainable living community that could be a template for evolving an awakened culture on our planet. After all my years of sitting meditation practice, travel and ceremony- I wanted to know what it could be to raise children within an awakened community. I wanted to know what it could be to grow our food, care for our energy resources, tend our land and create a loving sustaining community that could provide an educational platform for all of this to be shared with the world. So off we went. This first project became Alchemy of the Heart, my first real business at age 30. We tore out concrete, broke down walls, put in a Watzu pool, painted and grew bamboo and it served as this sweet little sanctuary in the heart of Calistoga Ca.

Eventually this client became my business partner, who taught me how to have vision goggles as we went on to create another huge next level 10 acre project, which then led to my life’s dream.

Finally I wrote out my vision for this sustainable community template and within 9 months it manifested as a 318-acre piece of gorgeous land with 10 different mineral soaking and drinking springs in the mountains of northern California.

We created a core team of founding land stewards. Our little team grew to seven and before we knew it, we were carrying out what seemed to be everyone’s dream. We had state of the art permaculture experts walking the land, green architects, and water emissaries. We were drawing attention from people all over the world. We had created a solid prospectus and field of alliance that I thought had thoroughly united all of our values while at the same time left plenty of room for our diversity. It was an exciting time. We were all in. Fully committed. I had consciously decided to let myself engage with the world of human attachment- the messy stuff that I had previously avoided at all costs. I was simultaneously deeply in-love with my partner. My beloved cat, Mabu had come into my life. I had a home, a community, and a purpose. I was all in.

I thought that I was creating the foundation for the rest of my life to bloom. My children would soon be coming and my life’s work would unfold from this precious stage and place that we called, home.

And then the stock market crash of 2007-2008 hit us hard. The shadow side of our community and core team seemed to be fully inflamed. Decisions were being made left and right from scarcity and the apparent common ground in our values became transparently clear. We were depicting ourselves as spiritual models, new culture creative’s and yet we were not coming from truth in my perspective. We were not listening to the land. Our vision was no longer a humble offering of service- it had become a 25 million dollar project- a spiritual Disney land of sorts without the funding at hand. We were dreaming. Ego kept trying. I could see that people were lying, and I tried to call us out on our field of alliance. I had always been a bit of a canary in the coalmine in our group- a voice of the heart. And after about a year of trying to be heard, I finally got the message that my voice was not wanted. The hyper-masculine over drive, “getter done” agenda had taken over. I was literally having adrenal fatigue, heart symptoms and felt that I would die if I stayed any longer. There was too much that I could see and feel and that was not being addressed. I had given it my best fight and all of my love. I had to walk from my vision, my dream, my home – my baby. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. As well as one of the richest most powerful initiations I have ever experienced. I look back on this chapter of my life with utmost gratitude to everyone involved.

I immediately transferred my projection of family, home, “sustainable living” and “awakened culture” onto a new school that was developing in the field of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. I had the exciting privilege of becoming a teacher for the school. Within 9 months I was again completely disillusioned to see the hierarchical, patriarchy that was in effect. The dishonesty and discrepancies between what was being broadcasted as a model of integrity and what was being lived behind the scenes again broke my heart. This time I spoke up and had a huge falling out with my teacher. This time I walked. Years of study, devotion, commitment and passion all seemed to dissolve within a matter of months.

It was in this time I got the internal message from my soul that I also need to leave my 7- year relationship. Which at this point was the only familiar ground I had truly sustained.

Before I knew it I was living alone in a cabin in the hills of Calistoga with my heart completely broken and disillusioned. Exhausted, empty and without a dream to ever imagine believing in again. Gratefully I had my cat, books on St. John of the Cross-and an amazing therapist who counseled me on not taking medication. She said, yes, you are depressed and anxious and yes you are in a dark night of the soul, but lets lean into the spiritual emergence side of this equation. In fact- I needed to let all dreams die. The initiations did not stop.

They came in head on car collisions, bankruptcy, health issues, and emotional dis-regulation to the point of suicidal depression…

It was during this long dark night that my true life’s work began to synthesize. It all came down to me deciding to actually incarnate here and take responsibility for my life. I began to cross the threshold of being a victim to becoming an empowered creator by truly sourcing God from within my own body. I began to Dialogue with the hurt child as well as the divine host within, as one -not two. I began to learn what it means to partner myself. What it felt like to show up each day, to love my life as it is and to be with myself as I was, seemingly without a story, a partner, a home, or purpose. I began to learn the language of feelings and needs that was communicating through my body all the time. I began to open to being a vulnerable human being living in the same unknown fate that unifies all of humanity: the uncertainty of our death and the undeniable continuum of our eternal being. It was during this time that the body of work called, Continuum came into my life and I met my teacher, Emily Conrad. I also began to study with many of the Biodynamic Craniosacral teachers and paths that my previous teacher had counseled us against. I needed to know the truth for myself of these differing paths and through this process I gradually began to reveal and unfold a precise path of embodiment and fulfillment that is in service to the larger field we call Gaia and our evolving humanity. I now offer this body of work, this embodiment revolution, this movement- called, Intimate Purpose Alliance… A new Paradigm for Embodied Leadership.

Growing at the speed of Love


Due to be out Spring 2018



  • Love
  • is already the
  • deepest center
  • of
  • truth
  • within you.


The embryo is the


writing itself

on it’s own





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A Course in Thriving

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I highly recommend Ajaya
     as a guide to empower a person
          to heal and know their Self

Denise Landucci, Muir Beach, CA

The presence that Ajaya IS revealed
     a beautiful presence in myself,
          an irresistible beauty that
               cannot be denied once seen

Margie Stornetta, MFT, Santa Rosa,CA

The way in which she has helped me
     deepen my spiritual connection
          is truly magical

Michelle Simonson, Fairfax, CA

"I recommend her work to anyone who would love
     to go deeper into themselves
          and clear out whatever holds them back"

BJS, Sausalito, CA

"The first experience has forever changed my life.
     Thank you with all of my heart.”

Amy Conklin DC, Achorage Ak

"The way in which she has helped me deepen
     my spiritual connection is truly magical"

Michelle E. Simonson, Fairfax, CA

"Ajaya's work is a rare gift
     I highly recommend her"

Sergio Baroni, LCSW Marin County, CA

Ajaya has been a Godsend and has opened
     a whole new world for me.
          She has an amazing presence"

Tracy Ruggles, Musician, Marin County, CA

“Ajaya's keen intuition and spot-on
     insight make her an unusually
          effective and efficient healer.”

Geralyn Gandreau, LMFT

“Ajaya Sommers is a person of rare purity,
     in terms of her intention, her path of service
          and her response to all whom she meets.”

Avon Mattison, director, Pathways For Peace

“Ajaya's abilities to release deep places of restriction
     go beyond the somatic level
          and into levels of the psyche.”

Jacqueline S. Chan, D.O., Marin Natural Medicine

Her mere presence is a dynamic force
     that I'm so grateful for in my life.

Ellen Heuer, Skywalker Sound, CA

Ajaya is the healer I trust most and
     cannot recommend her highly enough -
          an extremely gifted "angel" on earth.

Susan Levin, Kensington, CA

Quote by St. Thomas Aquinas

  • When we become
  • truly present
  • it becomes obvious that
  • the sacred
  • is what is
  • real.


Nothing real can be


Nothing unreal


Herein lies the








May 26, 2017

Intimate Purpose

By ajaya on May 26, 2017
I hope this message finds you happy, healthy, grounded, and in touch with your aliveness, amidst the increasing acceleration of the times we are living in. I

November 09, 2016

The Presence of Love

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This is the first of a series of video blog posts that are describing the nature of some of the content for the Growing at the Speed of Love programs...

Quote from A Course in Miracles

  • Your true nature is
  • nature.
  • You are a living, breathing
  • Miracle
  • of
  • Grace.


Live like the river flows,

carried by the surprise

of its own










Quote by John O’Donohue

  • To own your
  • inner knowing
  • is the greatest
  • service
  • to the
  • whole of
  • Existence.

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