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Ajaya Sommers, RCST, is a gifted healer, teacher, writer and creative catalyst in the field of Psycho-Spiritual Somatic Integration. For the last 25 years, she has been facilitating conscious evolution in hundreds of people’s lives. She designs and facilitates training programs for professionals, leads retreats, and offers both live in-person one-on-one as well as on-line group platforms. All of her programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.

Ajaya is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher, a NARM practitioner ( Neuro-Affective Relational Model) and an Authorized Continuum Teacher. She spent many years training with the founder of Continuum, Emily Conrad and was authorized to teach by her. Since Emily Conrad’s passing in 2014, Ajaya has come forward with a unique discovery process that honors every aspect of your humanity ( your core developmental and evolutionary needs) as well as your Divinity as you follow your individual path to becoming a fully integrated self, at home in your body and your Life. This unique-to-you developmental process is most tangible when accessed through the Subtle Core of the body, what is identified as the central channel in Taoism and Yoga. Through gentle hands-on meditative guidance, conscious breath, sound and movement. Core Embodiment ® Practices is the synthesis of 25 years of research and applied practice; an integrated system for embodied leadership that includes practices, principles and perceptual orientations to catalyze your innate power and potential. Supporting greater mastery through connection to your full humanity so that you can have a high impact in the world and become the leaders you are destined to be.

Hello and Welcome! I am so thrilled that you found me! My name is Ajaya Sommers and I function most essentially as an alchemist of the heart – devoted to practicing love as the highest universal law of existence. What I know to be true is that we are each here to express our unique essence purpose. We discover this most often, by making medicine of our traumas and painful life lessons. To let the pain of all that we cannot control in our own lives and the world at large, break our hearts open wider and wider, still. To allow our human losses, our devastations and disillusionments to fortify a deeper realization of our eternal heart that can never actually be broken or betrayed. Through this awakening process, our natural response is to expand our reach, out beyond what we previously knew could be possible- out beyond ourselves and our personal needs, hopes and fears. Into greater compassion, care, kindness and service to others. What I know to be true is that we each have a unique role to play in evolving the consciousness of our planet through this simple kindness and care and that is our hearts true nature.

It is truly my inspiration and honor to share with you through this platform that is the synthesis of all of my life’s experience, studies and credentials a new paradigm of awakening and embodiment. I offer committed containers of support for people just like you. Underneath and alongside whatever professional title you hold- you are a mom or a dad, an uncle, or auntie- a brother or sister, daughter or son. You are human and we are all equal in this way that we all live in the same unknown of our inevitable death to our form, while simultaneously we abide in the truth of our eternity. We share the common ground of both our fragility and our strength. It is this quality of intimacy with our inevitable death and the inevitable death of all that we care about that I believe invites a deeper aspiration to live our love and care more fully out loud with each day. Living our love out loud is the leadership required to transform our world. You may not think of yourself as a “leader” but in my view, we are all leaders!

We lead by how we live.

We lead by how we love.

The transformational power of intimacy


My means of supporting this process is through creating safe containers where the transformational power of intimacy can unfold a deeper congruence and harmony between all of the precious facets of your inner and outer lives.

The immense challenges that we are facing in our global environment these days require each of us to show up fully and embrace the work that is ours to do. In order to be effective in our unique paths of service, we must be aligned with our soulful destiny threads, which being grounded in our connection with our own bodies, our families and our larger eco-system reveals.

I provide safe, nurturing and catalyzing spaces to support those who are ready to dive in deep and learn how to feel, honor, inquire and embrace anything that may be held in the body, the psyche or the soul that you experience as obstructing the way for you to show up as your most authentic, fulfilled, empowered and creative self in the world. I can help you bridge the gaps where you may not feel congruent in your personal, professional or somatic experience.

I would say that my most unique gift is that I have the capacity to see and feel into the central channel – the very core or midline of another. You can think of this space and place as your bio- antenna – that which is designed to guide you through every step of your precious life. I can see how well this line of energy is connected or where it may be bent or twisted, broken or diminished and therefor distorting your capacity to receive your deepest guidance.

When traumas from the past are not resolved and integrated – we end up seeing and feeling through the projections of those unresolved experiences that are quite literally frozen in time. Distorting our capacity to sense into the present moment. The antidote? We engage the warmth of our loving presence together. We give permission to the untold stories to thaw and unwind by the presence of our warmth together and we write a new narrative based on your true values, needs and deepest heart desires. Through conscious breath, sound, movement and touch, I can support you in such a way that ALL of you can come into alignment. We can re-align that inner bio-antenna; no matter how disconnected or damaged you may feel. Together we can walk you home to your wholeness again.

I work with entrepreneurs, business executives, visionary change agents, teachers, and millennials who are seeking greater connection to this wholeness of which I speak. So that you can reconnect with the larger view of your Life’s purpose and your authentic contribution within it.

Growing at the speed of Love


Due to be out Spring of 2020


core embodiment

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

  • Love
  • is already the
  • deepest center
  • of
  • truth
  • within you.

A Course in Thriving

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Love is the







I highly recommend Ajaya
     as a guide to empower a person
          to heal and know their Self

Denise Landucci, Muir Beach, CA

The presence that Ajaya IS revealed
     a beautiful presence in myself,
          an irresistible beauty that
               cannot be denied once seen

Margie Stornetta, MFT, Santa Rosa,CA

The way in which she has helped me
     deepen my spiritual connection
          is truly magical

Michelle Simonson, Fairfax, CA

"I recommend her work to anyone who would love
     to go deeper into themselves
          and clear out whatever holds them back"

BJS, Sausalito, CA

"The first experience has forever changed my life.
     Thank you with all of my heart.”

Amy Conklin DC, Achorage Ak

"The way in which she has helped me deepen
     my spiritual connection is truly magical"

Michelle E. Simonson, Fairfax, CA

"Ajaya's work is a rare gift
     I highly recommend her"

Sergio Baroni, LCSW Marin County, CA

Ajaya has been a Godsend and has opened
     a whole new world for me.
          She has an amazing presence"

Tracy Ruggles, Musician, Marin County, CA

“Ajaya's keen intuition and spot-on
     insight make her an unusually
          effective and efficient healer.”

Geralyn Gandreau, LMFT

“Ajaya Sommers is a person of rare purity,
     in terms of her intention, her path of service
          and her response to all whom she meets.”

Avon Mattison, director, Pathways For Peace

“Ajaya's abilities to release deep places of restriction
     go beyond the somatic level
          and into levels of the psyche.”

Jacqueline S. Chan, D.O., Marin Natural Medicine

Her mere presence is a dynamic force
     that I'm so grateful for in my life.

Ellen Heuer, Skywalker Sound, CA

Ajaya is the healer I trust most and
     cannot recommend her highly enough -
          an extremely gifted "angel" on earth.

Susan Levin, Kensington, CA

Quote by St. Thomas Aquinas

  • When we become
  • truly present
  • it becomes obvious that
  • the sacred
  • is what is
  • real.


Nothing real can be


Nothing unreal


Herein lies the








February 22, 2020

Atonement to True Generosity

By ajaya on February 22, 2020
I found this quote today in one of my little books where I jot down inspirations when they arise.   “True generosity is the absence of giving

November 18, 2019

The Kiss We Always Wanted

By ajaya on November 18, 2019
The revelation of Being Here while residing in a human body is infinite. The dimensions and textures of ‘here’ only seem to expand with each breath

September 21, 2019


By ajaya on September 21, 2019
I’m having a revelation. It’s about granite and the quarts crystal and radon that play a role in conducting a piezo-electric charge through it. Water as a

Quote from A Course in Miracles

  • Your true nature is
  • nature.
  • You are a living, breathing
  • Miracle
  • of
  • Grace.


Live like the river flows,

carried by the surprise

of its own










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Quote by John O’Donohue

  • To own your
  • inner knowing
  • is the greatest
  • service
  • to the
  • whole of
  • Existence.

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