I wanted to share with you a powerful experience that just occurred in my life. Last Thursday, I had just finished a lovely session with a client at my home and was heading to the beach for sunset. I was driving down the Hana Hwy, at about 40 miles an hour, which is a two -lane highway. I was completely present, happy and relaxed. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I could see a car turning off of the side street from across the Hwy and heading straight towards me, about to hit my driver side door. Likely they did not see me coming and were intending to turn into my lane. I slammed on the brakes and swerved hard into the right shoulder of the road. Screeching tire sounds, slow motions special effects and all. Next in my vision came the large metal pole that I was about to hit, straight ahead of my cars trajectory. My car swerved, hard again and I was suddenly back on the highway, in my lane, going forward at about the same speed with both hands on the wheel. I looked in the rear view mirror and the two people in the car that was destined to hit me, waved. It was all quite surreal to say the least. There was no way in 3rd dimensional physics that what just occurred was possible. It was as if my higher levels bent time/space and entered into a different dimension of physics. I kept going; reverberating with  “wow” and thanking my angels.  And amazingly enough, I was barely adrenalized, as if nothing had happened.


In the days that followed I began to notice that everything was different and yet the same. I still recognized myself as the one in the mirror and yet I felt like I was about 20 feet tall and this huge expansive feeling in my body took over. My capacity to see into the multi-dimensionality of who ever was in front of me had turned up quite a few notches. My clairvoyant/clairaudient capacities are already pretty heightened, but this experience went to a whole new level. I have been in almost non-stop super human inspiration and creativity.

I began to have a deeper understanding from the perspective of my soul of what had happened on the highway that afternoon. An internal conversation began to unfold in which I have been shown that the car accident in which I would have likely not have survived or would have certainly been seriously injured was a karmic result of all of my previous conscious and unconscious death wishes. I could see the exact vectors of where my car would have been hit, spun, and pinned between that large metal pole and the other car. I could see the entire parallel reality of that path of exit.


The part of me that has struggled with the 3D world and has spent much of this life in resistance to fully being here had created a karmic momentum. I had created a potential reality in which I had an exit. This I could clearly see. What was amazing though is that in those surreal moments where time was suspended, I could feel this sense of energy pulling up, as if my “higher levels” were bending reality and orchestrating a shift that was not happening in the 3D at all. In those moments, it’s as if the part of me that did not want to be here, left and the deeper truth of my commitment, my absolute yes in carrying out this lifetimes mission was embedded and aligned through all of my energy bodies. Leaving no room for warble or waver.

The one who kept driving down the highway, fully in the drivers seat has become the solid sensation of self ever since. All 4 wheels on the road of this apparent reality and yet there is awareness that I am connected to and occupying so much more then could fit in my “physical” body.

My soul has been teaching me on a whole new level of how it is that we manifest and create reality here on planet Gaia. The victim part of my consciousness left in the car accident version of reality and the creator aspect of my consciousness fully stepped into the Ajaya who continued to drive down the road.

Everyday has been a profound open learning session with Life. The sense of integrating more of my essence and recognizing this unique flavor with profound gratitude and love. Fundamentally I am being shown how to participate with the present moment display through prayer, rather then projection. I am learning to ask, rather then assume. I am discovering the sweet spot where humility, gratitude and conviction all come together and can knock on any door and it will open. I am seeing through the confining definitions of our culture. Where time and money seem to dictate our sense of what’s possible. As if Life were a game in which every choice might dictate a win or loose outcome.


No, Life is this profound open system of living consciousness that is constantly inviting our participation in the unfolding. There is in truth, no right or wrong, good or bad, set in stone forever of any of it. Apparently even seemingly hard things, like metal are capable of bending and morphing at warp speed. There is infinite space to learn and grow however. And to choose what our soul curriculum is about for us.

I see now, that this Life truly is “my gig”. No one else gets to define it, not even the momentum of my karmic conditioning. My soul is here in this body for one purpose alone, and that is to care. Not just some of the time, but all of the time. For Love is the highest Law and I am this Love.