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The journey of genuine transformation does not transpire in isolation; the presence of consistent support, true company and contact in the places that are yearning for integration is a vital key. I will support you in exploring new ways of recognizing what is most alive within you, and in allowing that aliveness to find its most embodied expression.

I will hold your hand as you cross that tenuous bridge between mental concepts and future projections into a fully embodied reality that is tangible and real. We will tend to your precious shadow parts that will inevitably appear, as you turn toward embodying the light and power of your soul essence.

Maturing into your embodied wholeness requires growing your capacity to stay present with a larger range of sensory perceptions and feelings. Part of sustaining your dynamic balance as a leader and fully trusting yourself is staying equally curious about the nature of your shadow, as well as your light.

What to Expect:

Highly attuned one-on-one attention for life mastery and embodied leadership skills. You will receive and develop new embodiment skills to navigate all areas of your life, resulting in consistently satisfying intimacy and stability from within.

Our work together may include:

Embodied Leadership Hot Spots

If you are not thriving in any of these areas of your life, your felt sense of wholeness and your ability to sustain an inspired and balanced life will suffer. Often we end up overcompensating for our perceived deficiencies by excelling in other areas. An analogy can be made to using only certain muscle groups, thereby weakening other parts of the body and making those areas more vulnerable to injury.

Together, we want to get to know these areas, and slowly build your system from the core all the way out to the periphery. Our goal together is that you feel strong, capable, clear and confident in a truly sustainable way. Your weakest, youngest parts can begin to come home to your wholeness. And your outer world will only reflect this inner shift. This is the process of Embodiment.

Some areas where we may explore together include:

  • Health, Fitness and Diet
  • Intimacy/Relationships
  • Sexual/Creative Energy
  • Career/Dharma/Service
  • Financial Abundance
  • Spiritual Life/Growth
  • Family & Community
  • Pleasure, Adventure & Play
  • Home, Physical Environment
  • Connection with nature

Of course, balance is not a fixed, rigid state, it is an ongoing condition of listening, attuning and adjusting. In our work together, we will be sure to reacquaint you with that part of you who knows where the center is, whether you call it your heart, your warrior, your most evolved self. I like to call it my “Jedi Ninja Heart!” This center seat of your awareness becomes the true home that is wherever you are. It is from this place that you tap into your buoyant freedom of belonging. I will give you the template yoursoul has known was there all along.

Some capacities you will develop through

The Bridge your Gap Practices:

  • Self-regulation: feeling safe in your body
  • Staying connected to self while in relationship with another
  • Confidence, Sovereignty, inner authority
  • Sustainable Energy Practices
  • Integration and flow of Kundalini/Life Force Energy
  • Diet and Exercise/Healthy Life Style Choices
  • Developing and sustaining Healthy Relationships
  • Trusting in yourself, Life, the Divine
  • Transmuting your victimhood into your Creatorship
  • Greater capacity to open to more joy, aliveness and connection

Some outcomes you may experience:

  • Resolution of attachment issues/birth trauma/developmental trauma
  • Navigation of Life transitions with grace
  • Integrated Sexuality and Intimacy practices
  • Awareness of Life Purpose and Soul-centered Service
  • Integration and recovery from PTSD
  • Resolution of addictive behaviors
  • Freedom to create the life you would love to live
  • Integration of your spirituality, sexuality, psyche and soma

If you feel called in your heart to bridge the gaps in your life and are ready for some true company and support in the adventure of re-embodying your wholeness, please take a few minutes to give me some more information about you. I will get back to you soon to schedule a

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