Come Home

To your Indestructible Innocent True Nature

Grow the Energetic Circuitry to Be the Creator, not the Victim of your Reality

Discover what it means to be carried by the slipstream of Grace within

Your Intimate Purpose

Express your Deepest Integrity by
Living your Love Out Loud

Presented by Ajaya Sommers


A Course in Thriving is the foundation course for the Core Embodiment™ Practices Path . This course will give you Essential Intimacy Keys to navigate the challenges and opportunities of bringing forth what is most alive within you- especially crucial in these times of collective global, economic, and climate change. This course is steeped in body-centered practices that are based in both modern neuro-science as well as ancient psycho-spiritual wisdom traditions, giving you grounded, practical and tangible tools to navigate every precious moment of your life.

What Will We Do?

This course is for YOU – mothers, fathers, shamans, healers, leaders, and cultural creatives, new earth paradigm innovators. Are you ready to THRIVE as you step into greater embodied leadership within all aspects of your life?


What’s unique about this course?

The Missing Link: A body-centered, psycho-spiritual approach

Each of us deserves to thrive, experience vitality in our health and intimate relationships, and have success and fulfillment in expressing our unique service in the world. Yet we spend most of our lives busy with our many obligations, while we may miss the truly precious experiences of life. We may not have the time, energy or inspiration for those important moments in our children’s development, those pivotal conversations with our partner, let alone the deep, honest ones we need to have with ourselves.

If you are in or near midlife, it’s likely you have been feeling a consistent knock on the door of your heart. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “What is my deeper purpose here? What is driving me?” “Is there more?” You want more then your morning coffee to inspire you to get out of bed… Right?

You long to wake up out of the trance of your daily life grind. (no pun intended!) You know it is not supporting what’s most alive within you. Something in you knows and feels there has to be more, yet you may feel trapped by your current obligations, or your fear of change. You want to live from your passion, power and purpose, making a real difference in the world, with your authentic self leading the way.

You want to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

What you really want is to wake up each day inspired and on fire with your personal vision of a world you would love to live in. You want to have your hand in creating the world you can pass onto future generations, knowing you gave your best contribution. Yet you fear that if you heed the call of your heart, you risk losing all the security you have worked so hard to create.

You have the sense that something is blocking your path. Or something needs to shed from your body, mind and heart and yet you don’t know how to access this place inside…or how to begin to let go, such that you can be guided by your inner clarity.

This course is for you if you have been feeling:

  • Isolated, deprived, cut off from your own body, soul and intimate relationships.
  • Split inside between your needs for safety and security and on the other side freedom, autonomy and liberation.
  • Drained and unfulfilled from working too hard or doing the wrong work.
  • Inauthentic, seen as successful in the eyes of the world, but disillusioned or depleted inside.
  • Trapped in a job that you hate. Frustrated. Secretly knowing that to keep going could lead to the decline of your health, marriage and relationships with your children or friends.
  • Out of integrity in your actions, or engaged in addictions to cope with your pain.
  • Feeling trapped in a relationship that you know is co-dependent and yet you don’t know how to address the deeper underlying issues.

You are looking for:

  • A way to come inside and make true contact with your deepest sense of integrity, inner guidance and souls true calling.
  • A way to stay with your own direct experience, while engaging with others.
  • A balanced lifestyle affording you more time to care for yourself and significant others, as well as your spiritual/ creative path.
  • A way to identify a meaningful career that is not just about paying the bills, but ignites your power, passion and sense of purpose.
  • Ways to continue being accountable to current commitments and yet experience a deeper sense of inspiration, creativity, and connection to a larger purpose than you have previously known.
  • A way to reclaim your vitality – to feel nourished and empowered, alive and aligned with your soul essence, able to contribute to the evolution of our planet in a positive way.

Tangible benefits from participating in this course:

  • You will learn a “go-to” embodiment practice grounds, stabilizes, nourishes and expands your consciousness at the same time. You will be able to reset and regulate your nervous system any time so you’ll always have access to your clarity, direction and inspiration.
  • You will learn the how to grow the subtle circuitry required to stay seated in your core power such that it becomes your sustaining new reality.
  • You will let go of the old stories and traumas from the past that have kept you stuck in a holding pattern and unable to fully live your life in present time.
  • You will regrow your trust in yourself, life and other in the ways that allow you to establish a new foundation based in your true self – honor.
  • You will gain access to core practices, principles and individual support that allow you to transition your business or career into one that is truly fulfilling, while maintaining integrity with your present commitments.
  • You will discover the keys to unlocking the perfect balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ when creating anything new and more aligned with your inner calling.
  • You will learn embodied leadership skills: tools for staying grounded, connected and embodied in authentic self-love and purpose in any situation.
  • You will unclutter your consciousness and simplify your life. You’ll disband overwhelm and discover how to expand time, so you are capable of doing and being more, but from a place of being rested in your awareness.

What you will receive:

  • A safe container of group support. Consistency and accountability for your most intimate core purpose to have a chance to take root and to flower in tangible practical ways.
  • Live weekly webinars, presentations, and inspirational talks, effective somatic practices, guided meditations and experiential homework all to support your embodied leadership solutions.
  • One private 90 min Core Embodiment Coaching Session with Ajaya Sommers.
  • A guided video of the Core Attunement Practice, which you will learn and be able to keep as a reference for ongoing greater health, self-mastery and self-love.
  • Four guided meditation recordings to keep that will continue to inspire and guide you as you as you shift your alignment toward your most intimate core purpose.
  • A private Facebook group, where you can experience a community of like-minded souls, and together celebrate and deepen your learning.
  • An optional biannual live retreat in Maui, Bali or California.

Course Details:

To preserve the intimacy and one-on-one attention of each participant I cap attendance at 20 people.

The course Begins March 13, 2018 with a live 90-minute webinar that runs from 2-3:30PM PST.

Followed by a Live 90 min Q & A/ and guided somatic practice of our Core Attunement meditation call each Friday at 2-3:30 pm PST.

Each participant will receive a 90- minute one-on-one Core Embodiment coaching session with Ajaya as well as group coaching, membership in a private Facebook group, and access to practice partners.

Once we have our group established, the group may choose to change the call times to best accommodate everyone’s needs.

Each week You’ll receive inspired homework and anchoring practices to engage the course in your real life.

*You may also combine this course with the Bridge your Gap program at a discounted rate if you would like additional one-on-one coaching and in- person tailored retreat time.

*To enroll in this course,the first step is fill out this application to schedule a one-on-one- free discovery session. During this session, we will discuss together if this course is in alignment for you at this time.


Personal Letter from Ajaya

Thank you so much for taking interest in my upcoming Course in Thriving- an 8 Week Core Embodiment Immersion.

I am so inspired to share this foundation course with you. This material is a synthesis of my life’s deepest inquires and the journey that they have taken me on. What does it mean to wake up to my totality? To bring all that I am fully down into this body, to participate in the evolution of consciousness as a co-creator with Life?  

I was blessed to have my early life steeped in Sufi community living, as my Mother happened to be a minister. My father was an amazing artist and master of gardening, so I had a very spiritually supported upbringing. My relationship to God as nature has always been my deepest and most primary relationship. My challenge in life was figuring out this mysterious business of being human, having needs and relating with other humans who also have needs!  

As I grew up, I found that the study of the human body/psyche/spirit was my most passionate interest. I sought to become a doctor and had some of my first awakenings quite literally through studying the heart itself.  But soon I found that traditional education was too confining of an environment for my spirit to learn within. After completing my studies in pre-med, I was blessed to find Craniosacral therapy, and to become teacher and steward of this work. Later I became a Continuum teacher and studied perinatal psychology, trauma resolution therapies, and shamanic energy medicine along the way. I did plenty of long meditation & Continuum retreats, sitting with awakened masters and fervently being a student of Life.

I have to say that no matter how many awakenings I experienced, there was still a gap in terms of how this awakening was to be lived in my everyday life. When I followed my passion to study embryology and anatomy from an embodied perspective- meaning making contact with my actual anatomy, I finally began to bridge that gap. 

Having my hands on peoples core energy anatomy for over 25 years now has informed me greatly.  I have learned how to deeply listen and not interfere by coming with an agenda- even for healing. The body opens to presence, just as all wild nature does.  Experiencing the sentience of my own anatomy and embryology by learning to deeply experience the organizing intelligence of my system, as well as tapping into this same intelligence in thousands of others, has revealed the deepest satisfaction and insight. I call it Cracking God’s code.

Meeting this place of inner union over and over again in new ways and learning from what has been my inner teacher all along has revealed the synthesis of Core Embodiment. I have come to see that when we embody our core intelligence, we reclaim a kind of x-ray vision, a trustworthy guidance system that by design will reveal our greatest destiny, deepest calling and most fulfilling intimate relationship with existence. When we can make medicine of our early developmental traumas, the inevitable shock traumas along the way, as well as the paradoxes and apparent losses of a deeply lived life-  by way of integration, not spiritual bypass- we reclaim our wholeness.

I am delighted to bring to you my lifes dedication, great joy and purpose in being here.  The answers I sought in my quest for over 25 years have come to be revealed in the most satisfying way through the very process of sharing the practices and principles that are indeed so relevant for our times. Now more than ever, we need embodied, alive, awake human beings who are present and available, grounded in love’s wisdom and the true power this affords. It is love’s work, through us and as us, if only we can discover how to embody this power and wield it.

I am honored to walk with you deeper and wider still – embodying this great mystery together.



Client Testimonials

“For me personally, meeting you and experiencing this webinar felt like I was meeting my inner Teacher on the outside. I had a hard time assimilating the brilliant download I was experiencing due to the childhood traumas I experienced. So when you came along and systematically mapped everything out with concise and beautiful brilliance, something riveting occurred inside. I could unfreeze, relax and believe in my own inner experiences of grace. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve done to bring this to the world, thank you for being so brave to embrace this path and thank you for embodying the Core and touching me with your generous warmth, I bow to you in deep respect.” — Tiffany Unkyong Tichota

“A Course in Thriving definitely worked its alchemical magic on me! I came out of it with so much inspiration and life force moving through me! It feels like it returned me to my my own innocent nature, and source of life. What a gift! Thank you, Ajaya!” — Effie Dobbertin

“Ajaya is one of those rare healers who can see directly into your core, understand your needs (deeper than you know yourself), and offer sacred healing to your most hidden, needy places in the deep psyche. She is filled with kindness and light, so healing comes as naturally as if you were bathed in love by the Goddess herself. Don’t miss the opportunity to be touched and guided by this divine healer — no matter what ails you.” — Lion Goodman, PCC, creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training,