A Course in Thriving

Ignite your Power, Passion and Purpose

Transforming your Life and your Career

An 8 week Online Journey

Connect with and express your power, passion and purpose.

Embody your life’s purpose, empower your career,

bring new vitality to your relationships.

This course is for you if you are ready to THRIVE as you step into greater embodied leadership within all aspects of your life:

Each of us deserves to thrive, experience vitality in our health and intimate relationships, and have success and fulfillment in our careers. Yet we spend most of our lives busy with our many obligations, while we may miss the truly precious experiences of life. We may not have the time, energy or inspiration for those important moments in our children’s development, those pivotal conversations with our spouse, let alone the deep, honest ones we need to have with ourselves.

If you are in or near midlife, it’s likely you have been feeling a consistent knock on the door of your heart. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “why do I do the things I do? What is driving me?”

You long to wake up out of the trance of your daily life grind. You know it is not supporting what’s most alive within you. Something in you knows and feels there has to be more, yet you may feel trapped by your current obligations, or your fear of change. You want to live from your passion, power and purpose, making a real difference in the world. You want to be apart of the solution, not the problem.

You want to wake up each day inspired and on fire with your personal vision of a life and world you would love to live in. You want to have your hand in creating a world you can pass on to future generations, knowing you gave your best contribution. Yet you fear that if you heed the call of your heart’s true path, you risk losing all the security you have worked so hard to create.

This course is for you if you have been feeling:

  • Isolated, deprived, cut off from your own body, soul and intimate relationships.
  • Drained and unfulfilled from working too hard or doing the wrong work.
  • Inauthentic, seen as successful in the eyes of the world, but drained or depleted inside.
  • Trapped in a job that you hate. Frustrated. Secretly knowing that to keep going could lead to the decline of your health, marriage and relationships with your children or friends.
  • Out of integrity in your actions, or engaged in addictions to cope with your pain.

You are looking for:

  • A way to identify a meaningful career that is not just about paying the bills, but ignites your power, passion and sense of purpose.
  • A balanced lifestyle affording you more time to care for yourself and significant others, and spiritual path.
  • Ways to continue being accountable to current commitments and yet experience a deeper sense of inspiration, creativity, and connection to a larger purpose than you have previously known.
  • A way to reclaim your vitality and to feel more empowered, alive and aligned with your soul essence, able to contribute to the evolution of our planet in a positive way.

What’s unique about this course?

You will receive tangible practices you can use immediately for bridging the gap between your personal and professional life. We will begin by helping you identify your true needs, feelings and desires. You will begin to understand the language of your calling, which is your true inner compass and guide in life.

I will take you through a process of reclaiming an intimate relationship with all of the important aspects of being human - your body, your creative/sexual energy, your connection with nature and spirituality, your significant others, as well as your sense of positive contribution to the planet. You will reclaim your power, passion and purpose, and you’ll receive the tools you need to sustain and evolve your life in the direction of your conscious choice.

Tangible benefits from participating in this course:

  • Gain access to core practices, principles and individual support that allow you to transition your business or career into one that is truly fulfilling, while maintaining integrity with your present commitments.
  • Discover the keys to unlocking the perfect balance between ‘doing’ and ‘being’ when creating anything new and more aligned with your inner calling.
  • Learn embodied leadership skills: tools for staying grounded, connected and embodied in authentic self-love and purpose in any situation.
  • Unclutter your consciousness. Simplify your life. Dissolve overwhelm and discover how to be an effective and fulfilled new paradigm man or woman.

What you will receive:

  • A safe container of group support. Consistency and accountability for your most intimate core purpose to have a chance to take root and to flower in tangible practical ways.
  • Live weekly webinars, presentations, and inspirational talks, proven somatic practices, guided meditations and experiential homework all to support your embodied leadership solutions.
  • Includes one private Intimate Purpose Coaching Session with Ajaya Sommers.
  • High Performance surprises for greater health, self-mastery and self-love.
  • Inspired guidance and keys to laying the tracks for a new career or service oriented offering aligned with your most intimate core purpose.
  • An optional biannual live retreat in Maui Hawaii and California. Experience a community of like-minded souls and together, celebrate and deepen everything you have learned through the course.

Course Details:

To preserve the intimacy and one-on-one attention of each participant I can only allow 16 people at a time.

Course Begins Tuesday August 8th, 2017 with a Live 75 min webinar that runs from 5:30pm- 6:45pm PST.

Followed by a Live 60 min Q & A call on Fridays at 5PM PST.

You may also combine this course with the Bridge your Gap program at a discounted rate if you would like additional one-on-one coaching and live in person tailored retreat time.

Each participant will receive a one-on-one intimate purpose session with Ajaya as well as group coaching, FB private group inspiration and practice partners.

To enroll in this course, please fill out this application to schedule a one-on-one- discovery session to explore if this course is a perfect match for you at this time in your life.

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