Embodied Practices for Meeting Fear


I heard myself saying out loud last week during my first session of an ongoing online series, called, “ Taking Refuge”, what felt like one of the deepest, most obvious and helpful truths. I’ve been reflecting on this and I feel it is worthy of repeating and sharing with you now.


“ All we are ever afraid of is a feeling.”


I will say it again:


“All that we are ever afraid of is a feeling; a sensation or experience that by its very nature, will come and go.”


Have you noticed?


Of course you have!


For YOU are the space of continuous awareness in which all experience arises inside of. YOU are the presence of love whose nature is to allow all experience just to be, well- experienced.


We came here, into these bodies to have a human experience. The human experience in my definition is the opportunity to grow more and more capacity to stay here in our bodies and feel all that being fully alive inevitably asks of us. Which includes profound beauty, horror, shock, pain, loss, uncertainty, exquisite pleasure, causeless joy and so much more.


Such simple and obvious truth. And yet, not always so simple to recognize when we are seized by the intense sensations of fears gripping trance that can very quickly uproot our sense of ground and clarity of mind.


When the fear is strong enough, we may completely ‘leave’ and disassociate from our experience. It is in these moments that we most need to drop deeper with our attention and source from our Hara; the bodily location from which we can access our core stability and depth of resources that are always present as an extension of the bio-field.


From the Hara we can begin to practice compassion as well as a curious unconditional allowing of what is present in our experience, breath by breath. In this way, we be-friend our fear. Transmuting it into clarity of action and right relationship in wise response to the moment.


I invite you to place your hands on your Hara the next time you feel scared or off balance in any way. Take 12 deep Hara Breaths. Just stop whatever activities your are engaged in.


Choose to stop the momentum of your mental spin.


Just stop the search for a moment and soften into the gravity of your exhale as you allow the earth to hold and support you, right where you are, as you are. Remind yourself that you are not alone; you are intrinsically woven into an eco-system of profound organizing intelligence, called, Life. Let yourself connect with any sensation, visual or sound that lets you know that you are safe in this moment.


Remind yourself how ‘cute’ you are, when you forget and you let fear take you away. That will bring a smile and soften the trance for sure;)


Allow yourself, to drop deeper in this very moment to receive your actual experience. Soften behind your eyes, listen from the inside the meeting point of your ears, into the center of your brain and then relax down from there into the center of your chest and belly. You are designed to abide here as the receptive, listening and feeling center of your subtle core. Visualize a warm, sun emanating from your core, spreading holy light and loving warmth through your constrictions.


Compassionately inquire into and ask, “what am I feeling right now?”


Don’t look for an answer. Just allow your experience.


When you realize that ‘you’ are the one who has the capacity to allow all of your feeling experience just to be here as it is, without making any of it a problem to fix, figure out or otherwise manage; ‘you’ literally grow and vivify the subtle circuitry of your true nature in an embodied way.


For your deepest nature is the central space of awareness itself, receiving the message behind these words in this very moment. Your deepest nature is that which finds its origin as unconditional compassion itself, AKA as LOVE.


This original innocence is available to be welcomed home every time you allow your fear to take you deeper into your true nature, which is your true identity – your true seat of awareness, rather than further away.


Truth is always simple. Mind is always complicated. Allow every precious fear and feeling to be the invitation, calling you home to your Deep Heart. It is the only place we can ever truly count on to provide the continuity of ground, that we so innocently seek in our precious human experience.

Woman’s hands shaping heart above belly, close-up