Taking Refuge

~Embodied Practices for Stewarding an Authentic life~

An online series to support you in staying grounded, vital and awake as you honor yourself within every aspect of this precious and precarious life.

Part One: Home in the Hara  March 5-March 25

Part Two: Home in the Heart  April 1-April 22

Part Three: Home in the Head  April 29 - May 20

Take each one A’la carte or commit to the entire series:
In this series we will discover how to relax and rest into each wisdom center of the subtle core of the body. Inhabiting these primary seats of consciousness allows you to speak, move and have your being from a place of listening responsiveness and creative participation rather than habitual or reactive ‘doing’. Thus giving you a deep sense of trust in yourself, Life and God as expressed through the larger playing field of all that you experience.
Through a unique synthesis of precise breath, movement, sound, touch and perceptual practices gleamed from two decades of my own journey working with Yogic Pranayama, Continuum, Chi Gung, Egyptian and Tibetan lineages of yoga as well as modern insights through neuroscience, epigenetic’s, biodynamic craniosacral, early attachment imprinting and trauma integration I will guide you to take your unique and true seat in the living core of your body. You will discover your own dynamically alive potent space that is uniquely yours to fluidly occupy as you wield your love, power and wisdom in co- creation with this precious life.
This series can serve you if you relate to any of these symptoms:
*You struggle with feeling isolated, cut off from your own body, feelings or intimate sense of purpose.
*You struggle with staying connected to yourself while also relating with another
*You struggle with anxiety, depression or chronic issues of belonging
*You struggle with emotional eating or emotional sexing
*You struggle with grounding or issues related to feeling safe
*You struggle with attachment issues or feel unmet in relationships
*You struggle with body image or external identity seeking
*Out of integrity in your actions, or engaged in addictions to cope with your pain.
*Inauthentic, seen as successful in the eyes of the world, but disillusioned or depleted inside.
If you can relate or resonate with any of the above, please know that these are not conditions to define or shame you; rather symptoms indicating that you are innocently not seated in your core (especially your Hara) in a stable and fluidly accessible way. This experience can change for you if you dedicate some quality time and loving attention in the precise ways that I will offer in this series.
Tangible benefits from participating in this course:
Most of all you will discover the way of kindness and allowance of your experience as it is without a need to change yourself. This is the intimate embrace that ironically allows for true transformation to occur.
* You will learn a “go-to” embodiment practice that grounds, stabilizes, nourishes and integrates your consciousness at the same time. You will be able to reset and regulate your nervous system any time so you’ll always have access to your clarity, direction and inspiration.
* You will grow and amplify the subtle circuitry required to stay seated in your core vitality such that it becomes your sustaining felt sense of continuity.
* You will let go of the old stories and traumas from the past that have kept you stuck in holding patterns and unable to fully live your life in present time.
* You will regrow your trust in yourself, life and others in the ways that allow you to establish a new foundation based in true self – honor.
* You will gain access to core practices, principles and individual support that allow you to transition out of any situation that may no longer be serving you into one that is truly fulfilling and aligned.
* You will un-clutter your consciousness and simplify your life. You’ll disband overwhelm and discover how to expand time, so you are capable of doing nothing, seeking nothing, becoming nothing and ironically from this empty - full space, you have access to the source of all creative expression and inspiration.
*Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
The Details:
We will meet over zoom on Wednesdays from 5-6:30 PST
All sessions are Live, but recorded if you can't make the live call

We will also have a private FB group in which we can support one another and share privately and intimately about our journey.
* Home in the Hara: March 5 ( first class will be on Thursday the 5th at 5pm PST) following classes all on Wednesday. The 11th, 18, 25
* Home in the Heart: April 1, April 8, April 15, April 22
* Home in the Head: April 29, May 6, May 13, May 20
Price Package Options:
Option 1: $295 for each 4 week series A’la carte stand alone which includes 4 - 90 min Live Online Sessions over Zoom (each session is recorded and yours to keep)

To register: Click Here

Option 2: Included in each series is a private coaching session with me: total cost: $445 ($50 discount)

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Option 3: Commit to the full series of Hara, Heart and Head for discounted rate of: $785 ($100 discount)

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Option 4: Commit to the full series plus 3 private 1 hour coaching sessions included at the discounted rate of: $1185 ($200 discount)

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*If you have any questions prior to registering, please also email at at: ajaya@ajayasommers.com
“This field of loving, opulent abundance we call nature; that beats your heart, breaths your lungs and circles this planet around the sun, has made a home for you too. It’s called, 'your living center’. All you need do is rest here.”
~ Ajaya Sommers