STAYING grounded and ALLOWING your VITAL, AWAKE, SELF-HONOR, in service to every experience of this precious and precarious life — is taking on a whole new meaning in 2020 and beyond!


 Tangible location for STAYING & ALLOWING your EXPERIENCE:


Part One: Home in the Hara — October 20 - November 10


Part Two: Home in the Heart — November 17 - December 8


Part Three: Home in the Head — December 15 - December 29 


Context of the larger field:

Our world is not only appearing to be in crisis on every front; it actually is. A crisis that is in reality, an atonement. This great reckoning, this ‘great turning’ if fully allowed, honored and seen with perceptual integrity can be a genuine opportunity for real innovation, global cooperation, systemic transformation and an immense growth spurt developmentally for humanity.


Our climate, healthcare, political, social justice and financial systems are all undergoing simultaneous collapse and upheaval that is ‘unprecedented’ (probably the most used word of the year 2020!). There is seismic need for deep reorganization and foundational re-frame on every level and this has been true for a long time. Only now, it has become impossible to turn away. Impossible to pretend not to feel what is here. People everywhere from all backgrounds are waking up, even as it appears that we are becoming more divided in the process.


If you are a service professional— a doctor, therapist, nurse, coach, CEO or other roles in which leading with care, attunement and service to others are your true vocation underneath your title; then you know that you are being summoned more than ever to show up and offer your gifts to the larger field, perhaps even on the front lines.


Even if I did not name your ‘title’— it is true that we are each in our own way being called, because we are human — we are here and we are feeling the need to respond in some way.


There is so much in need of attention and yet there is just as much of a need for discernment when it comes to how we use our attention. When we give everything and everyone in our external environment our first priority of attention as a lifestyle; we are likely to be familiar with knowing first-hand the experience of giving self away to the point of depletion, adrenal fatigue, burn out or other forms of overwhelm. These behaviors lead to addictions of all kinds, immune disorders, illness and overall mis-use of your true creative power.


At the root of these behaviors is an unconscious program called, “self-sacrifice” or “co-dependency”—  an outdated program that has led in large part to dysfunctional relating with ourselves, one another and our planet. This is not the way that we will build the new earth.


So what is the new way? It is vital that we discover a new depth of inner coherency, resilience and open hearted allowance; committed to our deep self-honor,  first. When we know how to fill up with our own essence of being, then we can be at choice in how we over-flow into what matters most to us in our lives. We discover our natural connection and right relations with others, from the establishment of this home base.


Overview of Content:


Please join me and a kindred group of souls for a 3 month initiation in discovering a deeper intimacy with your call and response to Life. This course is uniquely curated to support, inspire and meet you where you are individually — giving you a life boat, while we navigate together, the often turbulent seas of these wildly uncertain times.


*You can take each module A’la carte or commit to the entire series.


In this series you will discover how to relax and rest into each wisdom center of the subtle core of the body. Inhabiting these primary seats of consciousness allows you to speak, move and have your being from a place of listening responsiveness and creative participation rather than habitual or reactive nervous system driven, ’doing’.


Each session is designed to foster an environment of safety and openness in which you can unwind from all of the subtle or not so subtle ways that you have betrayed your own trust. Gone against your own boundaries or life vows. Been unwilling to feel or to inquire in to the status quo of what is not satisfying or aligned with your deepest integrity.


In this way, there is a growing up and a giving in to being fully accountable; allowing the places you have been stuck to thaw, to unwind and be metabolized by the warmth of your loving presence.


You will discover how to participate in creating the ongoing safety and trust required to truly embody your gifts and be a creator, rather than victim, of your life. All to often what has innocently kept you stuck is your unresolved history, traumas and habit patterns that are frozen in time, stored within the neuro-pathways of your tissues — literally incased in the structure and functioning of your body, thus clouding your capacity to directly feel your present moment experience.


Through a safe and inspired container of mutuality, we will recover and renew your deep self-honor. Forging your unique path of authentic relating and thus creative response to stewarding all that you cherish. Living a life that you Love starts from your commitment to self first— and continues in ever greater spirals of relationships. From your intimate close partnerships all the way out into the larger field of a dynamically changing universe.


You have a unique place of belonging here. Most essentially this is to be found in your own body, heart and soul. When we fully inhabit ourselves we can be at choice in relation to how we receive and create our moment. We can allow our hearts capacity to expand wider in volunteering the honesty of grief, of fear, of anger, of pain and even especially our joy. When we can be this open and honest with our human experience we create an inner stability and continuity within ourselves. It is as if, no matter what, “you got your own back”. For it is true that nothing in the external world run by the laws of impermanence can provide this level of stability or safety for you.


Through a unique synthesis of embodied inquiry, precise breath, movement, sound, touch and perceptual practices gleamed from two decades of my own journey working with Pranayama, Continuum, Chi Gung, Egyptian and Buddhist lineages of yoga as well as modern insights through Neuroscience, Epigenetic’s, Biodynamic Craniosacral, early attachment imprinting and trauma integration— I will guide you to take your unique and true seat in the living core of your body. You will discover your own dynamically alive potent space that is uniquely yours to fluidly occupy as you wield your love, power and wisdom in co- creation with this precious and most precarious life.


This body of work is greatly informed by natures intelligence; from the developmental perspective of the embryo as well as other fractal motifs within undomesticated nature. You can expect to be re-enchanted by the miracle of life as I re-introduce you to your original memories of wholeness.


This series can serve you if you relate to any of these symptoms:


  • Feeling isolated, cut off from your own body, feelings or intimate sense of purpose.
  • Feel split or trapped between your needs for safety and security and on the other hand freedom or authenticity.
  • Recognizing what your boundaries are and not over-extending.
  • Staying connected to yourself while also relating with another.
  • Anxiety, depression or chronic issues of belonging.
  • Emotional eating or emotional ‘teching’ or sexing.
  • Grounding or issues related to feeling safe.
  • Attachment issues or feel unmet in relationships.
  • Body image or external identity seeking.
  • Out of integrity in your actions or engaged in addictions to cope with your pain.
  • Inauthentic, seen as successful in the eyes of the world, but disillusioned or depleted inside.

If you can relate or resonate with any of the above, please know that these are not conditions to define or shame you; rather symptoms indicating that you are innocently not seated in your core (especially your Hara) in a stable and fluidly accessible way. This experience can change for you if you dedicate some quality time in cultivating your loving attention in the precise ways that I will offer in this series.


Tangible benefits from participating in this Course:


Most of all you will discover a way of kindness, allowing your experience just as it is without a need to control or ‘change’ yourself or another. This is the intimate embrace that ironically allows for true transformation to occur.


  • Learn a “go-to” embodiment practice that grounds, stabilizes, nourishes and integrates your consciousness at the same time. You will be able to reset and regulate your nervous system any time in order to have access to your clarity, direction and inspiration.
  • Grow and amplify the subtle circuitry required to stay seated in your core vitality such that it becomes your sustaining felt sense of continuity and you’re able to withstand more charge in your system.
  • Let go and integrate old stories and traumas from the past that have kept you stuck in holding patterns, unable to fully live your life in present time.
  • Regrow your trust in yourself, life and others in the way that allows you to establish a new foundation based in true self–honor.
  • Gain access to core practices, principles and individual support which allow you to transition out of any situation that may no longer be serving you into creating one that is truly fulfilling and aligned.
  • Un-clutter your consciousness and simplify your life. You’ll disband overwhelm and discover how to expand time so that you’re capable of doing nothing, seeking nothing, becoming nothing. Ironically, from this empty-full space you have access to the source of all creative expression and inspiration.

Part one: Home in the Hara

  Home in the Hara  

During this month immersion we will re-establish your deepest internal resource for grounding into your body. Your belly center is also known as your Hara Center or Enteric Gut brain. In the eastern traditions your Hara is considered to be the main center in the body in which you ground your energy, access your power as well as the organs of digesting, metabolizing and elimination. From a modern Neuroscience perspective, the enteric gut brain is considered to be your “second brain”.  It is the home of your microbiome, an ecosystem of bacteria that has a vast neural network comprising over 100 million neurons— more than your spinal cord! This ecosystem of your second brain is not a thinking brain—it does not reason, write poetry, or solve multi-linear regressions. Mounting evidence suggests that your gut health strongly influences your mood, capacity to receive nourishment, have a healthy relationship with your human needs and so much more!

In this first module we will dive into our first needs in our psychobiological development. The needs for connection, love and attunement. We will discover how we can re-parent and create corrective environments for ourselves when these first needs were not met very well to begin with. Often our greatest fear is also our greatest longing; for connection and for love.


Module Two: Home in the Heart


During this month long immersion we will dive into your deep heart. Your deep heart is the primary home of your essential self. The source code in which most every mystical tradition refers to as the seat of self— the space of awareness in which your attention can most naturally rest. When you come to recognize that it is a choice to make this your primary seat of awareness, you gain agency in relation to all other choices for this is the space from which your immediacy of experience is directly and freshly being lived. When we practice choosing this as our first home, consistently, we can become safe enough to relax down and out of our conceptual minds. Relax out of being run by our history—our nervous systems reactive habits of repeating history and thus concretizing identity.

From the perspective of neuroscience, the heart, as an endocrine gland, releases hormones that regulate bodily function. The heart produces neurotransmitters that synchronize the central, autonomic and enteric nervous systems. The heart has its own nervous system. Over half of the heart fibers are neural, this interconnects the entire somatic system of your body directly to the brain — both to the newer frontal cortex and the older limbic system. We also know that the heart is producing the biggest electromagnetic field of the body. Heart coherency is vital to conducting the entire symphony of not only your body, but your life!

We will attune to the true needs of the heart which are first and foremost for honesty. When we honor this we engender genuine trust in self, thus in turn, all outer reflections of life. When we honor this essential need we become safe enough in ourselves to tap into our hearts desire and to start having more of what we honestly want for ourselves, rather than contorting or bypassing our actual experience.


Module Three: Home in the Head Center


Within the center of the head is an area referred to esoterically as ‘the cave of brahman’ or the ‘crystal palace’ which is known to be an area of deep peace as well as higher wisdom. Anatomically, this area relates to the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, the thalamus, hypothalamus and the ventricles of the brain that house and produce the cerebrospinal fluid.

By the time that we come to the third module we will have grown a potency in our systems. This potency will guide us into a stability that allows more vitality and life force to flow through the higher brain centers, thus nourishing the entire system. In the third module I will complete the teachings on the Core Embodiment® practice and you will now be able to practice this on your own.  We will also complete with a deeper understanding of the next stage in our developmental journey which pertains to occupying your inner autonomy and your ability to stay grounded and connected to your most authentic self in a fluid and relaxed way, while being in intimate repartee with the fullness of your life experience.


“There is a saying in Zen, ‘when the realization is deep, your whole being is dancing.’ You can have an experience of emptiness, but it can be the emptiness of emptiness. A  phrase that is used is, ‘a cool emptiness.’ But when it’s the true emptiness, your being is dancing. It even goes right through your physical body. Everything is alive again. You are dancing — the emptiness is dancing. Then we go deeper into that love, that dance, and that joy. Then it settles into something that is quiet and very pervasive. There is a love and a stillness that is infinitely deepening.

When awakening happens, the heart has to open. For realization to be complete, it has to really hit on three levels—the head, the heart and the gut—because you can have a very clear enlightened mind, which you’ll know in a deep way, but your being won’t be dancing. Then, when the heart starts to open like the mind, your whole being starts to dance. Everything comes alive. And when your gut opens up, there is that deep, deep, unfathomable stability where that opening, who is you, just died into transparency. It’s become absolute. You are That.”

— Adyashanti



The Details:


Take each one Ala carte or commit to the entire series:

We will meet over zoom on Tuesdays from 5- 6:30 PST

All sessions are live, but recorded if you can't make the live call. The recordings are yours to keep.

We will also have a private FB group in which we can support one another and share privately and intimately about our journey.


Each session includes guided somatic practices, experiential inquiry, as well as a presentation on a new teaching point. There will be space for break out rooms during some of the sessions to engage in the inquires with our participants.


Each week there is also homework — or anchoring practices for your enjoyment:)



Part One: Home in the Hara — October 20 - November 10

* Part Two: Home in the Heart — November 17 - December 8

* Part Three: Home in the Head — December 15 - December 29


Price Package Options:


Option 1: $295 for each 4 week series A’la carte stand alone which includes 4 - 2 hour Live Online Sessions over Zoom

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Option 2: Included in each series is a private coaching session with me: total cost: $445 ($50 discount)

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Option 3: Commit to the full series of Hara, Heart and Head for discounted rate of: $785 ($100 discount)

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Option 4: Commit to the full series plus 3 private 1 hour coaching sessions included at the discounted rate of: $1185 ($200 discount)

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* Payment plans available. *If you have any questions prior to registering, please me email at:



This field of loving, opulent abundance we call nature; that beats your heart, breaths your lungs and circles this planet around the sun, has made a home for you too. Its called, 'your living center. All you need do is rest here.” ~ Ajaya Sommers


  Testimonial from past participants of Taking Refuge:


Fantastic learning and workshop Taking Refuge”. If you are a therapist, Doctor, healer, transformational educator or health care provider looking to self-improve - the teachings Ajaya has will serve you well. Not only for your professional tool-belt but for your own self-actualization. A wealth of information and many pieces are laid out throughout the process and all tied together at the end to bring it all home. After decades of sitting across from others in my practice I believe this is what I’ve been looking for. Don’t miss this chance and treat yourself to a wonderful learning and adventure.”


Nick Gargala, B.S., M.S.S.W., Ed.D.


Participating in Ajaya’s course, Taking Refuge was a gift during a very upside down time. The course began just before I closed the doors to our retreat center of 25 years, due to the pandemic. Having the consistency of the loving invitation back home- to my Hara, my Heart and my Head was so helpful and beautiful.  I have worked with Ajaya at a couple of in person retreats in the past and found her presence and her teaching brought the medicine I needed in times of transition and overwhelm. Life always presents challenges and initiations into suffering, having others in the group who are willing to be honest about whatever is going on for them in the moment is always supportive.  Ajaya guides with a great deal  of knowledge and experience.  Trusting that she has truly been on her own deep journey provides the safety that I need to drop into the deeper currents of my own life.”


Gail Warner, MA, MFT


This course led to an experience of Divine Bliss too ineffable to describe in words. It included a sense of timelessness, and my sense of self dissolved into our divine Source. Ajaya’s gentle guidance led us effortlessly to this magical, rich and nourishing moment. The meditations and knowings have stayed with me and I’ve been inspired to share them with my team at work.”


Doug Wilson, MD


Personal letter from Ajaya:


Thank you so much for taking interest in my upcoming course, Taking Refuge— in Your True Seat of Honor —Embodied Practices for Stewarding an Authentic Life. A 3- month online immersion. I am so inspired to share this foundation course of the Core Embodiment Practices. This material is a synthesis of my life’s deepest inquires and the journey they have taken me on.


What does it mean to wake up to my totality as a human being? To bring all that I am fully down into this body, to participate in the evolution of consciousness as co-creator with Life? I was blessed to have my early life steeped in a Sufi Community as my Mother was a Sufi Minister. My father was/is an amazing artiest and master of gardening, so I had a very spiritually supported upbringing.  My relationship to God as nature, itself has always been my most primary relationship.


My challenge in life was ‘figuring out’ this mysterious business of being human, having needs and relating with other human's who also have needs! As I grew up, I found that the study of the human body/psyche/spirit was my most passionate interest. I sought to be become a doctor and had some of my first awakenings, quite literally through the study of the heart, itself. After completing my studies in pre-med, I was blessed to find Craniosacral Therapy, and eventually to become a teacher and co-evolutionist of this body of work. Later I became an Authorized Continuum Teacher and immersed myself in perinatal psychology, trauma resolution therapies (NARM) and shamanic energy medicine along the way. I did plenty of long Buddhist silent meditation and Continuum retreats as well as sitting with awakened masters and fervently being a student of Life.


I have to say that no matter how many ‘awakenings’ I experienced, there was still a gap in terms of how this awakening was to be lived in my everyday life. When I followed my passion to study embryology and anatomy from an embodied perspective — meaning, discovering how to have a direct experience—making actual intimate contact with the sentience of my anatomy, that I finally began to bridge this gap.


Having my hands on thousands of people’s core energy anatomy for over 26 years now, has informed me and this body of work, greatly. I have learned how to deeply listen and not interfere by coming with an agenda—even for healing. The body opens to genuine presence, just as all of wild nature does. Experiencing the sentience of my own anatomy and embryology and discovering how to listen into this organizing intelligence of my own system, as well as tapping into this same intelligence in thousands of others, has revealed the deepest satisfaction and insight. I call it, “Cracking God’s Code.”


Meeting this place of inner union over and over again in new ways and learning from what has been my inner teacher all along has revealed the synthesis of Core Embodiment. I have come to see that when we embody our core intelligence, we reclaim a quality of  X-Ray vision, a trustworthy guidance system that by design will reveal our greatest destiny, deepest calling and most fulfilling, intimate relationship with existence. 


When we can make medicine of our early developmental trauma’s, the inevitable shock traumas along the way, as well as the paradoxes of apparent and real losses of a deeply lived life — by way of integration, not spiritual bypass — we reclaim our wholeness.


I am delighted and honored to bring to you my life’s dedication, great joy and most intimate purpose in being here. The answers I sought in my quest for over 26 years, continue to be revealed in the most satisfying way. In fact, it is through the very process of sharing the practices and principles that are indeed so relevant for our times, that they continue to evolve, as do I.  Embodied inquiry and reverent listening are front and center to my commitment to presence and the ongoing revelation of being alive. I invite you to join me and to discover this intimate repartee inside your own skin and beyond.


Now more than ever, we need embodied, alive and honest human beings who are present and available. Grounded in love’s wisdom and the true balance of feminine and masculine power this affords.

It is love’s work, through us and as us, if only we can discover how to embody this power with kindness and in a sacred manner. It is time.


I am honored to walk with you deeper and wider still — embodying this great mystery together as we actualize the prophecy of the new earth— the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

— Ajaya