My commitment is to inspire you to hold nothing back. No more resisting your power. No more dampening your passion. No more believing that you do not belong here. No more comparing yourself to others and pushing harder to be what you are not.


It is time to uncover that magnificent growth edge where you come alive with your creative passion, where you discover what true service feels like when you are seated in your intrinsic wholeness and connection to Life.


Core Embodiment Practices – provides a practical map to discover your unique pathways into the love, wisdom and power sources within you. When you discover how to focus your attention into specific locations in the core of the body, these dormant energy centers can reveal a perceptual, sensate world of generative possibilities and creative super powers.


Discovering the process of embodying the deepest most joyful expression of your natural gifts is akin to becoming the alchemist in the research lab of your everyday experience. Harnessing your power to transmute your hurts, mis-perceptions and sense of separation in any moment into your GIFTS, and self-possessed brilliance- into Love- is your art and craft now.


What is required to enter the alchemical laboratory of embodiment is this:

A good sense of humor (God has quite the sense of humor- have you noticed?)

A curiosity of what it is to be intimate with reality (i.e. ALL of yourself). Hint: Dialogue with the abandoned inner child as well as the divine host within, as one, not two. This requires an intimate humility, tender interest and unconditional regard.

A recognition that there is nothing broken or wounded within you or anyone else. Nothing to fix, change or otherwise get rid of.


Understand that you are learning how to receive the sensations of the frozen unresolved history in your tissues that may feel blocked, painful or constricted as a gift that is ready to come home to your wholeness.
Recognize that you have enough resources now to thaw what has been frozen in time and is now ready to return to your center as creative potency, aliveness and new possibility. While the thawing may at times reveal the original pain of your unmet needs, a willingness to learn how to feel and BE WITH your sensations through breath and unconditional presence is the safe passage you can provide to these parts on their way home to your embodied re-established sense of wholeness.

The need arises again and again to be True to the Truth, over and over and over again…primarily by facing and walking hand and hand with your deepest fears. You will want to discover how to allow your fears to become the invitation from the Divine, indicating the aliveness within the thrill of falling backwards, inwards and downwards into the arms of Trust, whose hands are connected to the great body of Grace, The Life Lover who truly has your back, your front, your sides, your up and your down.

You will need to reacquaint yourself with your Jedi Ninja Warrior heart that already lives front and center, basking in the wonder of impermanence, uncertainty and the unknown.

Oh, and most importantly, Love—A willingness to learn to love everything as it arises.

Especially and most importantly, YOU.

Exactly, precisely as you are right now.

Shall we?

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