I have not been good at receiving for most of my life. In some ways, I am just learning how. Much of my early imprints seemed to translate to my system that to survive meant to give- to receive did not always feel safe. In the places where I did not feel seen or met in my early life, I learned to be the larger presence of love to compensate for what was experienced as missing. Whether any of these “imprints” were true- as in based in reality- who knows! Implicit memory is quite the thief of reality!


In any case- it’s become a conscious practice over the last year or so, to consciously receive. For me, to receive is to welcome the tender vulnerable innocence of my original nature. I’m discovering that it’s a somatic opening – a subtle shift of letting go into my center, softening my crown and an allowing of Gods pure holy love to simple be received. The exchange of what we call “giving” and “receiving “ is occurring with every moments breath whether we are conscious of it or not.


There is nothing I have to do, prove or “give” to be worthy of this breath. I am here. My place of belonging was established a long time ago. As was yours.


This “giving” and “receiving” breathing is the breath of Love- the natural reciprocity and exchange that all of life is having with itself.


I remembered something of import recently about this natural breathing:


In the beginning, was not “the word” as the Bible has told us.


In the beginning was Logos.


A source point of singularity that expresses and appears as the flesh of this world through fractals, spirals, waves and undulations of light and sound frequency codes.


Materializing as the spiraled blood that beats our hearts and differentiates my fingerprint from yours. Logos stretches through an infinitely interconnected web, sometimes called “Indra’s net”. As the non-binary roots of our original thought into being — articulating as trees, droplets of water and the petals of a perfect golden means spiral giving birth to a sunflower.


Yes Logos also expresses through our words and actions of course. But it doesn’t need our narratives, and points of view to organize around a self- existing midline of Love.


Sure, I get scared- all the time. So scared that in moments, I have the experience of leaving my most intimate personal and bodily self -organizing midline of love. I can easily loose the plot when I get caught in the collective fear stories that are so pervasive.


I live in uncertainty and impermanence like we all do. I can get pushed and pulled by the stressful stories of lack, loss and doubt that my head can make up when sitting in the constant company of the unknown.


I also educate myself about things like 5 G Network, adult mandate vaccines, climate change and the many sources of neurotoxins that are flooding our environment and bodies these days. I have my reactions big time to learning about these subjects…Yes, it’s likely that in these times, many will get sick and die sooner then they would want or anyone would wish. And — the self- existing organizing midline of Logos… of Love — still has me, and us in its intelligent unfolding.


We are also living at a time where we have more awareness and resources then ever to what is neurogenic. What is life giving and regenerative.


We can open, feel and allow ourselves to truly be here as we are. Have our reactions, points of view, narratives, etc, etc and let it ALL serve a greater and more mysterious view into the deeper evolution of Love. The Love that dances between God and Gaia with this Human Heart Bridge of Feeling Sentience as the Sacred Middle.


This being human is the original sacred cross between God and Gaia.


Actually being conscious and participating as this sacred self organizing midline of human love though is quite profound.


A moment to moment opening into the direct and intimate experience of reality as it is- not through my filters based in history and then projected onto an unknown future.


As far as I can tell, this being human is an ongoing deepening and growing of our capacity to feel; growing more vitality such that we can receive more and more of the blessing that we are- Life is.


Stepping this open, feeling space of aliveness down into the realms of human interaction and all that needs to be presenced and addressed is where the rubber really hits the road though. The birth place of sacred activism.


Even amidst all of the fields in which are natural instincts are to constrict and to separate in old stories of self-preservation and isolation… I dare myself not to. I dare myself to come into this actual moment and what is true now.


To truly receive myself as I am is the basis of what naturally informs and gives back to life.


I leave you with this simple invitation, a little “micro-break” in the flow of your day, if you choose to ‘receive’ it☺


Just right now, soften around any gripping, constricting or unconscious holding in your system. Let your narratives about whose right or wrong- what’s good or bad or what you prefer to just recede into the background for a moment.


Let your eyes melt inward like pools of warm honey. Squeeze your root, wiggle your tail and feel the points of your sits bones. Soften your belly as your breath descends down into your perineum.


Allow your original umbilical cord with Gaia to reveal itself.


Feel the nourishing energy of Gaia holding you. Reminding you that you belong here in symbiotic repartee. You are here. Let yourself receive with your breath this natural love and connection you have as a sacred child of God and Gaia.


Let your spine become more fluid and align with this dignity of your natural birthright.


Let you heart rest open upon this foundation.


Let your head relax … let you ego relax…


There is nothing you need to figure out, fix, track or otherwise process.


You are safe. You are loved. You are already welcome to join in the celebration and holy messy majesty that is Life.


Infinitely wise intelligence is unfolding you. Unfolding US. Unfolding… Revealing… Guiding…


Listen and receive your instructions through that precious heart of yours that is beating in your chest in this moment.


Say “THANK YOU! THANK YOU my Precious HEART. I love you. Thank you for my life.”


Say “THANK YOU! THANK YOU to my precious animal body for being the clay home of my soul- Thank you for being healthy and resilient.”


Say “THANK YOU!” to whatever within you may be seeking validation, approval, or appreciation in other places… thank YOU!


There is nothing you need to prove to be worthy of receiving who you already are.


Simply, Let Go, Let God — Let Love Be You.


Receive who you are.


See how you are moved to express as YOU within this infinitely wise great body of wholeness…


The self existing organizing midline of Love is the Reality of this ever evolving Universe.


This practice has served me greatly… make it your own if you wish… Or share with me what you have learned about receiving.


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