Aloha Dear Friends, Sending equinox blessings to all. Sending prayers of support, assistance, provisions, hope to all of the places on the planet right now in great need. I am blessed to be sitting here at my desk amidst the tropical breezes, the bird song and with my kitten, Precious, purring inside my shirt, resting on my chest. I feel passionately alive today. Aware that today is the day that I am alive. Today is the day that I get to feel my bare feet on the ground, the sun on my face and to receive the sound of the wind chimes… Today is the day that I am awake to the fact that my Mother and my Father are still alive with me, along with so many dear, close beloved companions of this life. Today is the day that I still get to drink clean water, breath fresh air, buy Durian at the farmers market and come home to crack coconuts just picked off the tree. Today is the day that I can taste, smell, listen, touch and be touched.


I heard recently that some scientists as well as some indigenous elder wisdom keepers are predicting that we have around 10 years before the poles shift, along with every other kind of environmental “disaster” we cannot even imagine. Whether this is true or not- the fact is we are always living on the precipice of the unknown. Our world is just reflecting this reality more then ever. An aspect of my hearts passionate aliveness is opening to this stark potential of our own extinction. What if there is no tomorrow? What if Life is not going to get better then this? What if this is it?


For me, it is not death that I fear. Because I remember where I came from. I will welcome that home coming when it is time. What I have feared is missing the gift of my life, while I am alive.


I like most every human I know, get to meet the barrage of conundrums and ongoing complexities both personal and global within 10 sec of waking up each day. I feel the anxiety about the unknown of my own future as well as OUR future, which really are inseparable. So for me, each day, every moment is an opportunity for practice. I get to practice relaxing with my anxiety. I get to practice relaxing into the fact of the unknown. I get to breath deep into my belly and attune to my core as I navigate the multitude of choices that each day brings. Knowing that my choices are determining the fate of my future. Knowing that this moment is somehow connected to the vast totality of what we call, past, present, and future. This moment contains the medicine of connection itself. This body is the presence of being that is inextricably connected to Gaia as an expression of God. I am Gaia. I am God. I am that which is the Awareness that is Eternal and knows itself as inseparable from this totality.


Even so, it can be humbling to find myself in moments of forgetting. Falling into the collective trance and identifying with the separation lie- as if there could be something internally or externally to defend against, to protect or to compete with. What if even these tendencies are apart of something intelligent? What if there truly is no, other? What if everything we do, think, feel, speak and vibrate in this existence matters? YES! YOU MATTER. What if your needs, your feelings, your sensations, desires- hopes and dreams- your perceived dramas and conundrums are all pointing to this profound guidance system that is intricately weaving everything together. That is how INTIMATE this is.


I know you know- because, if you are reading this, then you are alive and feeling with me. Your aliveness, by design, came equipped with this ancient intelligence that knows the way, when we are HERE. So, lets, be here, shall we? Lets let every precious moment unfold and reveal our destinies through our real feelings, real needs and real desires. Lets let the pain as well as the pleasure in. Lets let this world and all of its paradoxes break our hearts open even wider. What if your exact life as it is- EXACTLY AS IT IS- is imbued with the DIVINE, attempting to embody and express your uniqueness as living cells of cooperation and exchange within this great body of what we call, LIFE.

This Great Mystery. I love you. I thank you. I humbly bow to your Beauty. Please forgive me for any moments of my forgetfulness and illusion of separation from this Truth. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give Love, to receive Love, to Be Love.