“ All the problems in our current time are a crisis in perception.” ~Fritsof Capra

Q: What if almost everyone you know is an addict, addicted to a disconnected, unending cycle of hungers, cravings, desires and compulsions that keep them from making true contact with the interior of their being. And instead drive them to express themselves in ways that only make the addiction worse. I’m not just referring to the obvious and blatant addictions, but the more insidious and elusive ones that keep us on the outside of ourselves. The addiction to proving our worth, the addiction to perfection, to approval, to being on top, the addiction to negative self deprecating thinking, the addiction to cortisol and adrenaline as means of feeling alive… and on and and on it goes. At the root of all addictive behavior is a sense of disconnection from the Source of who we are. This misperception of who we are leads to a loss of nourishment that only that connection can provide.

How can these addictive patterns be addressed in a way that will break the unconscious cycles that hold them in place?

A: These cycles can become conscious and thus transform in some profoundly surprising and pleasurable ways. I would like to introduce you to some access keys to this inner terrain that can open the door to the empowerment of inhabiting your biological cosmos in a way that you may have never previously imagined.

Here are 6 insights that restore us to a vibrant and fulfilling life.

  1. Our origin story is a love story.
  2. Only when living in right relationship with Eros can we thrive.
  3. How addiction comes into being in the first place.
  4. That biological consciousness speaks in the language of love
  5. Our relation to the unknown unlocks the conscious repartee with this intelligence.
  6. Every addictive pattern can be transmuted into authentic, embodied fulfillment.

Q: Why is this important?

A meaningful life is lived from a place of deep contact with the core of our being, one that engages our curiosity, our wonder, the awe and the vulnerable and invincible aliveness of our true nature. This is eros dancing as the miracle of life within us- the tangible energy or substance of Love that connects and weaves every DNA strand of life together as a cohesive wholeness.

We participate by shifting the inner climate of the survival circuitry- the fight or flight system into the chemistry set of love, safety and trust. We do this through conscious breath, sound, awareness and fluid movement. When these components come together- an inner alchemy occurs in which we can locate ourselves in the ever fresh, creative, immediacy of intimacy and aliveness of the present moment.

My intension here is to begin to grow a tangible bridge from spiritual concepts and abstractions about unity and the underlying Intelligence of the universe into an embodied living of these realties. We may recognize this truth, but it is useless and even frustrating, when it can’t be felt, realized and integrated in a stable way within our own bodily direct experience.

I believe our origin story is a love story. We are living, breathing, and walking miracles of conscious awareness. No matter how much amnesia clouds our biological experience from trauma, pain or suffering, the original “template of love” is always available to be reclaimed. Once restored, remembered and rekindled -our transcendent spirit can embody. Tapping directly into the sense of this precious nectar, we become medicine carriers for the world.

Q: Why is this scenario so rarely seen and modeled?

A: Most of us spend our lives teetering on the edge of a disembodied void. Struggling to avoid the gnawing feeling of how uncertain and fragile everything in our relative reality actually is. We spend our lives attempting to fill this hole inside – the sensation that something is wrong or missing. We project this feeling onto others, onto the world, onto ourselves. We keep our selves busy, playing out all manner of distractions through addictions to consumerism, empty sex, food, drugs, entertainment, overuse of technology, as well as trauma, drama, crisis scenarios all in the name of “relationship”.

I believe that a lot of the destruction, abuse and mis-use of power that we see on our planet has at its root cause a dislocation in right relationship with Eros – with our original love story. I am not referring to the limited idea that Eros only pertains to sexual love. What I mean by Eros is the exuberance in our cells when we have relaxed back into Life. It is the biological intelligence flourishing its love through the ever present fractels of the universal themes we see everywhere. It speaks its language of love as the creation, death and renewal of cells. The spiral pathways of blood, the formation of the heart, the birth spiral. Trees, flowers, veins, snow flakes, the micro macro- are all in a constant mirroring dance. Our original biological context was amniotic fluid, stardust, sun light, pure emptiness prior to expression in form. We carry this evolutionary history in our cells, our fluids, our bones… our heart beat. According to the quantum phyisist, Dr. Mae Won Ho, “We are quantum, electric, crystalline, fluid organisms”.

Everything is context. We are context created and context related. Epigenetics has revealed that our beliefs eclipse our genetics and perception determines our limitations. To go under our cultural context and conditions, we have to touch into something deeper. The biological field is what is always present.

Our only task is to allow this intelligence to be our thought system, to inhabit our bodies, to live in our hearts- to be our relationships. Living in right relationship with Eros is found by moving away from conforming and contorting to versions of ourselves we think we need to express to survive in the cultural context and toward being touched, moved and found by something larger.

Q: What is it to be found in this way?

A: The key to entering into conscious repartee with this intelligence is in relaxing into the unknown. By allowing our old defense structures to soften and open, the intimacy with this great unknown begins to unfold. What may have previously felt scary and foreboding becomes the entryway into Eros itself…that inner life, the bedrock of connection to the whole.

Our Deepest fulfillment comes from living our most creative genius from the inside- out. The experience of living from Eros, simply means, living from the INSIDE – OUT.

As my Continuum teacher Emily Conrad would say, ” as the coral respond to the song of the sea.” It is our Birthright to know and feel ourselves in relation to a larger oceanic presence of love that is intelligently moving the whole of our lives. We need alchemical containers of safety and trust where we can open and turn towards the “emptiness of the unknown” that has been unconsciously and innocently avoided. Together we can discover the natural dignity of the Love that we are, whose nature is intimacy itself. Please join me in any of the alchemical containers that I offer as a means of the direct discovery of transmuting the addictive patterns in your life into authentic embodied fulfillment.