Hello Beautiful!


Now that we are all starting to emerge into the world again, I felt to check in with you and see how you are experiencing this transition?


Humanity and life as we have known it have been and continue to be in a massive reset— as you know. Not to in any way diminish or down play the tragic losses, deaths and severe life changes that many have gone through due to this “pandemic”; underneath and coinciding with all of this tragedy, I have felt that something deeper is occurring than what ‘appears’. A kind of benediction, amidst the chaos of so much change. An opportunity to practice inside a new vulnerability — for it is vulnerability with healthy boundaries that can give birth to new quality of connection.


Never before in the history of the planet, have we all simultaneously gone through this massive of a wave of change together. As far as I can tell, we have all changed. Of course these changes are very unique for each of us. Many have really taken this time to go inside and find a forgotten still point of rest from which genuine inspiration and innovation stems forth. Inside of this listening stillness, the discovery of new callings, the uncovering of hidden longings and the reevaluation of what is most meaningful in ones life are naturally become more available. Thus re-emerging now, may be revealing a whole new experience of the preciousness of Life and what the ‘terms of engagement’ are for each of us.


We have an extraordinary opportunity to meet each person fresh, in a new way, if we so choose it. Including and especially ourselves.


For some of us, business may be as usual and it may be temping to just fall back into old familiar patterns and ingrained habits of relating. It can feel vulnerable to attempt to bring through the ‘new you’.


I remember when I would go on long silent meditation retreats a few times a year and I would experience these massive openings into the larger space of who I am (which seemed to include everyone and everything else!) I would come back out into the world of speaking and engaging and there would always be that strange culture shock phenomena. To my chagrin, I would find out that no one else was having the same experience as I was!! The world was just continuing to plot along as it always had— only I was experiencing Life through a more multi-dimensional lens of my own embodied awareness. It would always be quite a journey to integrate these openings into my day to day life.


As we emerge at this time from a collective pause, however, it is more akin to most everyone coming off of a very long meditation retreat.


What are you noticing?


Here are some inquires to use as a prompt if you like: What is inside, ready to blossom and bear the fruit of your essence more publicly?


What new values are you in touch with that you must bring into your everyday choices?


How is your experience in regards to staying true to yourself, your boundaries, needs, desires— in other words, your ‘terms of engagement’ which allows for the fostering of genuine circles of connection with others?


Are you staying true to yourself? In other words, are you genuinely listening and honoring what is present in your experience?


Are you taking more risks by choosing to be vulnerable and intimate with the moment, by being more honest with how you really feel?


Are you bringing your needs, desires and feeling wisdom into the engagement? Are you open and available to being met?


The answers to these questions are to be lived as an ongoing revelation— and expressed in your own unique way.


There is no wrong or right or one size fits all.


I think these are important inquires to keep alive in our hearts, if we wish to really make the most of these transition times. It doesn’t have to be about going back to some version of ‘normal’. This can be a time of genuinely creating a new way of being here on this planet. Which starts with a new way of inhabiting our own skin. By curating tender hearted environments of listening and responding from our own center of presence.


For it is within these tiny shifts of perception that we make, that can then become tiny acts of belonging.


A tiny shift of perception if you are someone who has a strong habit of leaving yourself behind and making everyone and everything else a priority, would be to start by including yourself.


When it comes to feeling our belonging, so often we are waiting for others to invite us, waiting for the world to roll out some kind of red carpet in which we finally feel seen and celebrated.


But what I have discovered is that belonging, starts by including yourself first.


By choosing your core self, (meaning your heart and gut— the wisdom of your feeling sentience) as your first priority of attention.


Being at home here in your most natural seat —you can more readily include yourself, with discernment— inside of the dream of the more beautiful world you know is possible. For when we perceive accurately, we can create differently.


I offer these inquires to you, as I find that bringing some provocative inquiry to my moment is a great way to stay more wakeful and connected to what I want to create for my life and for actualizing my vision into the reality of a lived experience.


We can choose to evolve into who we want to become. We can choose to stay with ourselves as we engage with all that we care about. We can choose to love ourselves by having our own back, no matter what. Often our becoming is less about taking on more— but of letting go of what we are not. Letting go of the old conditions, the habituated ways of relating and the cultural dictates that tell us who to be and how to ‘fit in’. If you want to relax into your birthright of Belonging— believe me it is not about ‘fitting in’. It is about simply, being who you are.


What tiny steps can you take today as you re-engage the world, to start to create the reality of what you really want for yourself? For our planet? For all that you care about and hold precious?


I have been cooking up some new offerings behind the scenes for many months now which I am excited to say, I am about to share publicly very soon! For now I can tell you that if you are not clear on your own ‘terms of engagement’— that is being you, being vulnerable, being real, with healthy boundaries. Meaning, walking with the awareness of your needs, desires and bottom lines fully engaged—while fostering genuinely fulfilling authentic relating— then stay tuned, as my upcoming ‘free’ offering may very well be for you!