The awareness of what is most precious to us does not come without the grist and grizzle of the proverbial mill that is necessary for consciously incarnating the soul into the body. It is a messy majesty and it will challenge everything that you are to stand on your own and wake up to your true power. It will ask you to surrender everything you think you know. It will take anything and everything that is not informed by the living truth. It will continue to break your heart and empty it of its contents, over and over again.

It will not necessarily give you anything that the modern mind made world deems of value. Yet – within the quest there is the inherent possibility of the only true fulfillment that can ever be discovered – that is the gold of your embodied soul. This is the kind of gold, that when we carry it, it carries us… it’s a Grace Magnet.

What is required to enter the alchemical laboratory of embodiment?

*A good sense of humor (God has quite the sense of humor- have you noticed?)

*A willingness to learn how to feel by facing in towards your human, sometimes bewildering, and most mysterious experience.

*A curiosity of what it is to be intimate with reality (i.e. ALL of yourself). Hint: Dialogue with the hurt child as well as the divine host within, as one -not two. This requires a sincere interest in being vulnerable and transparent such that you become a living revelation to yourself.

  • A desire to tell the truth, over and over and over again…primarily by facing and walking hand and hand with your deepest fears, such that they are dispelled.
  • A yearning to discover the thrill of falling backwards, inwards and downwards into the arms of Trust, whose hands are connected to the great body of Grace. The Life Lover who truly has your back, your front, your sides, your ups and downs.

*Needed will be a good strong sharp knife to cut the unreal by developing a capacity to execute your voice in the words, “yes” and “no”, such that you can let die what needs to die and free up what must live through you.

  • You will be called to reacquaint yourself with your Jedi Ninja Warrior heart that already lives front and center, basking in the wonder of impermanence, uncertainty and the unknown.

*Oh, and most importantly, Love—A willingness to learn to love everything. Especially and most importantly, you, exactly, precisely as you are, right now.

Shall we?

The most intimate form we have, that we are most connected with, is our own body. If our senses are open and there is an undefended receptivity, we can see that it is constantly teaching us and showing us. It is an impeccable meter of what is true, what produces wholeness, or what feels harmonious or dissonant. Often it is overridden by the thinking mind, but with practices in which we are willing to set the thinking mind aside for a while and devote time to nurturing and listening to our body, we can develop a tremendous relationship with that wisdom that the body so affectively and directly communicates. It is the alchemical laboratory.

I find that for most of us living in western culture, it is the belly and the root that we especially need to cultivate. What do I mean by cultivate? I mean spending time breathing, feeling, occupying and orienting to the gravitational pull of the earth. In this way, we allow our root to relax open and the belly to soften, such that we make a good home for our hearts and heads to create a foundation of trust to rest upon. Grounding and rooting are the foundation to all spiritual work. So often I observe people in our culture that are unaware of the wisdom and the power of being somatically centered. There is inherent ignorance in the cultural soup that we were born into. We live in a culture that values the sophistication of and ‘progress’ of the cognitive mind and judges or diminishes anything to do with what might feel like slowing down in order to feel.

We do all this spiritual or psychological work, then feel frustrated because our lives do not really transform. At a certain point, all the things that they have recognized as truth, end up just feeling like spiritual concepts and abstractions that the super-ego can then use against itself. This behavior does not feed the hunger of the soul to embody and live from the gold of its wisdom.

This is why my own life path has led me to embodiment practices. I have not found spiritual concepts and disassociated meditative approaches to be successful in meeting the early developmental traumas of life. When not met and integrated, we will continue to magnetize the life experiences necessary to bring more attention to what was not resolved within the system. If we continue in the dark without the body centered knowledge of how to meet ourselves, we run the chance of re-traumatizing ourselves.

Here is an Embodiment Jewel for you to explore uncovering in the alchemical laboratory called- Your Life:

Next time you notice yourself ungrounded, spinning in your head and asking the questions about what and why- looking for who or what to blame- and clamoring for a solution so that you never have to feel this way again… Instead of asking, what and why… come down and in and ask, where?

So often when we are activated or “triggered” by something, our go to habit is “Up and Out” and asking “What- and Why?” For the most part those questions are not helpful. Whatever is activated is calling for our loving presence, not more mental concepts and stories that will take us further away from the body and the present moment, which is where our power is.

When we can start to orient to where we are feeling constricted or contracted, numb or anxious… then we gain the agency to bring our breath and loving awareness into this place. Allow it the space and conscious holding that it needs such that it can then settle and reveal what is needed there. Then the question becomes, “what is needed right now”. Your body wisdom will tell you. In honoring and following this way of being within the flow of your life stream, you will be amazed by what a Grace magnet you become.

If you are new to this and your old patterns of overriding are strong… you may want to consider lying down and literally just stopping what you are doing when you are feeling activated. Resting a hand in the area that is feeling constricted and breathing your love into that area.

Alternatively, you can use this practice in a more active way. While hiking, running, doing yoga, anything where your breath is strong. Explore bringing full consciousness to directing the inhale and the exhale with an Ahh sound into the area that is calling for attention. After awhile, with practice, you can discover how to live your life in this way, on the go, moment to moment of embodied, lucid moment.

For more on the direct experience of what I am speaking to, please join us on the next 5- day retreat, “The Grace of Gravity”. Go to events page for more info.